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Reasons to have LASIK with our Bellevue and Seattle area laser vision correction experts: Quality of Vision and Quality of Life

Glasses and contacts have definitely served us well as vision aids, but at their very best they simply disguise the symptoms of poor vision – they don’t solve eyesight issues at the source, and they clutter up our appearance and complicate our lives.

LASIK surgery may not free you from corrective lenses forever, but 98% of Dr. Leavitt’s past patients have enjoyed years of 20/20 vision from this popular procedure. Many of Dr. Leavitt’s patients report improved vision than when using contacts and glasses.

LASIK Surgeon Performing the LASIK Surgery ProcedureLASIK vs. Glasses

Glasses have been helping us see better since they were invented in the Middle Ages. We’ve been scratching them, losing them, breaking them and fogging them up for over 700 years. Unfortunately, no matter what name is on the frames, they are still the same technology Benjamin Franklin used and they are just as irritating and inconvenient.

Can you throw away your glasses? LASIK can correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism; however, by the time you reach your 40s, you may still need reading glasses due to the effects aging has on the eyes. A condition called presbyopia affects the lens elasticity creating farsightedness.

LASIK vs. Contacts

In recent years the FDA has posted an increasing number of advisories concerning risks associated with contact lenses, and some researchers have reported the risk factor with contacts to be 5X greater than with LASIK. This doesn’t mean contacts are dangerous, it just means taking a balanced and informed view of eye care options is highly suggested. (Source: Mathers, W.D. Archives of Ophthalmology; vol 124: pp 1510-1511)

Soft contact lenses, due to their design and composition, cannot provide the quality of vision achieved with Custom LASIK, and cannot fully correct astigmatism. Custom LASIK solves the unique corneal irregularities that cause myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism so it’s no surprise that LASIK surgery outcomes often exceed the results of contacts.

Without contacts, you may experience:

  • Freedom to wake up and actually SEE your alarm clock
  • Freedom to play water sports
  • Freedom from worrying about losing your contacts while in a precarious situation, like driving
  • Freedom from the expense and hassles of spare lenses, cleaning solutions, irrigating solutions, sterilizing solutions, etc.
  • Freedom from eye scratches, slipping, tearing, sore eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes and the feeling of contacts glued to your eyeballs

Video: LASIK: All-Laser – During the Procedure

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