Say Goodbye to Sparse Eyelashes! 

At Bellevue LASIK & Cataract we are offering a more permanent and less messy approach to enhance the eyes. LATISSE is a cosmetic product for the eyelashes, and it gives excellent results. If you use eye makeup each day to make your eyelashes longer, darker or thicker-looking, you can now achieve longer-term results by using LATISSE nightly for four months.


Latisse LogoLATISSE is a product that lengthens, darkens and thickens the eyelashes. It has received FDA approval to treat the condition known as hypotrichosis or sparse eyelashes. Hair has a growth cycle with three phases:

  1. The growth phase
  2. A short transition period
  3. The dormant phase

LATISSE works to lengthen the growth phase. This causes eyelashes to grow longer in that extended time and more of them to grow. They become darker by a gradual increase of melanin in the hair shafts.


You apply LATISSE much as you apply eyeliner. It comes in a kit containing the LATISSE solution and a supply of disposable applicators.

Place a drop of the solution near the tip of the applicator as you hold it horizontally.
Draw the applicator along the base of the upper eyelashes like eyeliner. There should be no dripping or run-off, just a feeling of moistness.
If any solution gets into your eyes, it will not cause problems. Discard each applicator after one use and use a separate applicator for each eye. This is for your protection from any contamination. Avoid touching the applicator tip and keep it away from any surfaces.


After one month you will see a difference in your eyelash length, color, and thickness. Each month of the four-month initial treatment will bring more visible results. You might want to mark your calendar on the day you start using LATISSE. That way you can monitor your progress over the four months of initial treatment. You could even take some “before and after” photos. Most patients are delighted at the enhancement of their facial appearance. Your eyes will look better-defined, which will change your overall look. Your new lashes may even reduce your dependence on mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. Some people might experience redness and itchiness at first. This will usually cease within one or two weeks. It is not an allergic reaction and does not mean that LATISSE has harmed your eyes. The body simply adapts to this new treatment.

To see if LATISSE treatments might be right for you, contact us today to request a Cosmetic Consultation.