If you’re seeking treatment for cataracts in the Seattle area, or even just advice on how to manage a cataract, the vision care experts at Bellevue LASIK & Cataract are ready to help.

Relief from Inferior Vision

With over 3 million procedures performed in the United States each year, cataract surgery is considered to be one of the safest and most effective of all medical procedures. The surgical procedure for removing cataracts or solving presbyopia is essentially the same.

The Procedure

Dr. Kent Leavitt makes a micro-incision at or near the cornea, gently washes away the cloudy lens using Phacoemulsification and inserts a new Intraocular Lens (IOL) into its permanent position. An IOL is a synthetic lens that replaces the natural lens of the eye. Advances in IOL design mean that refractive errors such as shortsightedness and farsightedness can also be corrected during cataract surgery.
Cataract Surgery Procedure
Patients normally experience little or no discomfort during the procedure and can usually return to their normal activities the day after surgery.Cataract Lens Implant Diagram

Cataract Surgery Day

You should arrive approximately 2 hours before your surgery. If you are nervous, relaxation medication will be provided while your doctor explains each step of the procedure to you. The actual procedure will take between 10 minutes to 20 minutes per eye and you will not be able to drive immediately after the procedure.

Post-Operative Care

To ensure that your recovery is without complications and concerns there are a series of post-operative exams that take place following your cataract surgery, the first of which will be on the day following your procedure.

If you are in the Bellevue, Seattle, Monroe, and Tacoma areas and your vision has become cloudy, blurry or dull, contact Bellevue LASIK & Cataract today to schedule a Cataract Consultation to determine if cataract surgery might improve your vision.

Words from a Cataract PatientSurgeon Performing Cataract Surgery

“The improvement in my vision just 24 hours after surgery is wonderful. The clarity is the biggest thing. I have worn glasses for 65 years and now I don’t have to. Very pleased with my treatment all the way through the process from the office staff, the technicians, the OR nurses and of course Dr. Leavitt. I am waiting for the ultimate vision test to see if I can hit a golf ball and see it land” Cataract Patient, June 2014