Look No Further Than iDesign Technology for Advanced Precision and Clearer Vision


Your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint – wouldn’t it make sense to use a device that corrects visual imperfections with the same approach?

Bellevue LASIK and Cataract is proud to introduce WaveScan® iDesign System for LASIK, a new technology that measures your eyes with more than 1,200 micro-readings to provide advanced precision and accuracy in surgery. This system captures several different types of measurements of your eyes in a one-time, three-second scan, which is then transferred to the laser for your procedure.

The sensor technology was originally developed for NASA to help build the new James Webb Space Telescope, which is replacing the Hubble Telescope and is scheduled to launch in 2018. This technology, which allows NASA to view high-resolution images of deep space, is being used to allow doctors to map your eyes in the same way. This means the treatment plan can be customized for each individual characteristic of your eyes.

The iDesign machine works by measuring several different variables of your eyes, including corneal topography, pupil size and dilation, and keratometry. By gathering detailed information and sending it all directly to the laser, the equipment provides high-quality results and increased precision of laser eye surgery. Often there are details being picked up in the scan that surgeons could not even see prior to this technology.

iDesign captures a meticulous blueprint of your eye that is transferred to the computer-guided laser. Any imperfections can be immediately identified and corrected on the spot during your procedure. This technology is ideal for treating complex cases because it yields the best possible outcomes with a lower risk overall.

If you want to improve your quality of vision and resume a healthy active lifestyle glasses-free, look no further than the WaveScan® iDesign System. For more information on how this technology could benefit you, contact us at Bellevue LASIK and Cataract today!