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LASIK Risks Should Be Addressed By Your Surgeon

Patient satisfaction and safety is our top concern at Bellevue LASIK & Cataract in Seattle.  The majority of our patients are very pleased with their LASIK surgical procedures performed here.  Like all medical procedures, though, some risk is involved.  Some of the risks include (as provided by Under treatment or over treatment, possibly requiring… Read More

Contacts after LASIK

LASIK and other laser eye procedures have great records for successfully improving vision.  However, it doesn’t always improve vision to the point where prescription corrective lenses are no longer needed. Wearing contacts after LASIK is sometimes necessary.  While a follow-up procedure or enhancement may be able to solve the problem, it is not always the… Read More

LASIK vs. PRK: What is the Difference?

One of the most well-known eye surgeries is LASIK.  When asked, most people have heard about it. But PRK, which stands for photo refractive keratectomy, is less well-known.  What’s the difference? PRK and LASIK are both laser surgery procedures and both work by changing the shape of the cornea. The difference is mainly in the… Read More

How Long is LASIK Recovery?

With an experienced surgeon, LASIK is relatively safe and your doctor will discuss the risks before the procedure.  After your LASIK procedure, you may notice some blurry vision and your eyes may be teary, itchy or dry.  Be sure not to rub them, Starbursts, glare and halos at night can be noticed after LASIK and… Read More