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LASIK versus Contacts: Which is Better for You?

Some contact lens wearers eagerly wait for the day when they can afford or qualify for LASIK surgery.  But is LASIK right for every contact lens wearer? Not every contact lens patient is suitable for LASIK surgery.  Some of the reasons that you may not qualify (or want) LASIK include if you: Have a thin… Read More

Side effects of LASIK eye surgery

If you know people who’ve had LASIK, you may have heard the great results they’ve experienced.  You may have also heard about some side effects. Side effects of LASIK eye surgery are usually minor.  Immediately following surgery you might experience: Blurry vision Weepiness Itching Scratchiness Discomfort The doctors at Bellevue LASIK & Cataract will instruct… Read More

LASIK Pros and Cons

As with anything in life, LASIK has its pros and cons.  Here are 3 pros and cons to consider before a LASIK procedure at Bellevue LASIK & Cataract in Seattle: Pro: Improved visual acuity.  Most patients notice an immediate improvement in vision. Con: Some patients notice nighttime vision problems, including glare, halos and sensitivity to… Read More

Dry Eye and LASIK Questions Answered

Prior to LASIK surgery, your doctor will check your medical history and look for a variety of conditions, including dry eyes. It is important to let your doctor know if you suffer from dry eye prior to surgery, as your surgeon may want to treat it before surgery. LASIK surgery is designed to improve vision… Read More