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Will Wearing Glasses Make Your Vision Worse?

If you need corrective lenses…but you don’t wear them…what are your reasons? You hate the way you look in glasses. You can’t seem to get the hang of wearing contact lenses. You simply forget to wear them or misplace/lose them often. You think that by wearing glasses your vision will actually become worse. If you… Read More

Ski Season is Here: Are Your Eyes Ready?

Whether you hit the slopes every weekend or just make it to the mountains once a year, having the right ski or snowboard equipment can be the difference between an epic run and constantly stopping to adjust your gear. We’re not just talking boots and bindings…we’re talking eyewear. If you have to wear glasses or… Read More

Enjoy Library Lovers’ Month with Clear Vision

February is Library Lovers’ Month…a great time to celebrate how libraries of all types benefit our communities. It’s also a great time to pick up a book and rekindle your love of reading. However, if you are farsighted and have trouble focusing on printed items close-up, you may become discouraged by the need to constantly… Read More

Eye Exams for Heart Health?

Scheduling regular eye exams tends to be pushed down the “to do” list with certain people who: Were born with excellent vision Have had blade-free LASIK in Bellevue to get 20/20 vision In reality, eye exams are important for everyone…not just those with poor vision. Eye exams can detect “silent” vision problems like glaucoma or… Read More